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Elasticiti is a solutions firm to the media industry. Our clients are Comscore Top 100 publishers with significant traditional, direct, and programmatic revenue lines. We support front line analysts, senior strategy executives, and IT departments to automate complex existing analytics and collaborate to break new ground on large-scale greenfield projects. We partner with all departments in the enterprise, most frequently with the research and monetization groups. Our goal is always high quality analytics that reflect the unique strategies and cultures of our clients.

Breaking new ground together

Because analytics are so important to the current and future success of your company, we bring a talented and experienced team to the table. Our industry experience, our experience with your source systems, our technical skills, and solutions development process create an environment where projects move quickly, the focus is on high value decisions, and distractions and delays are eliminated. With 21 years in the media industry, and a strong team of experts, we are proud to partner with the change agents, entrepreneurs, and visionaries as they take their companies to the next level of performance.

It’s an exciting time to be in the media industry. We see innovations on the content and advertising fronts every week. But those changes present real challenges for publishers and agencies. What do these changes mean for my company, my team, my role? In this modern era of media, those who embrace change and move quickly, prosper.
— Ben Reid, CEO

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