analytical design and consulting

Our team of experienced Business Analysts work with you to clarify your business objectives, identify the supporting data, define KPIs, and design the presentation layer. This is our most popular offering for good reason. Everyone has an idea of what business question they want to address. What they often lack is the time to fully develop the design and work through the underlying data issues.

The focus of the design exercise is to support a business process which in turn relates to a larger market strategy. We partner closely to ensure both objectives are achieved in the final deliverable.

Core aspects of the engagement are how the analysis fits in the process flow, who are primary and secondary consumers of the analytics, visualization selection, interactivity, and level of detail of the supporting data.


data engineering

Every analysis deals with data and we have more data than ever before to work with! Challenges arise almost immediately in supporting the analytic needs of the business due to the four Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity. These considerations are core to Big Data but certainly not limited to it. Our Data Engineers are well versed in online media and as a result, avoid many of the naive mistakes that often occur when the data and data relationships are not known to the Data Engineer.

Our Data Engineers work closely with our Data Analysts to help in the definition of a solution both by identifying potential challenges and opportunities they see in the data. We rely heavily on open source applications such as Python, Hive/Hadoop, and Postgres SQL in the design phase and provide a clean on-ramp to productionizing code on your enterprise technology stack.

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