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In a span of just a few years, the ways in which media companies generate, distribute and monetize content have changed radically. Those new business models have lead to an explosion of new data sources and data tools. Your challenge: find a way to make it all work for you so your company can thrive in the new media ecosystem.

That’s where Elasticiti comes in. We are a company that operates in the cross section of data and media, thanks to our unparalleled expertise in both areas. It’s why premium media brands, such as NBCUniversal, Viacom, and Bankrate rely on us to help them adapt to change.


My team needed to deliver a complex analytic project in a compressed timeframe. This required collecting and cleaning a lot of messy data from many sources and visualizing it in a dashboard that spoke to both senior leadership and frontline users. We loved partnering with Elasticiti because they really get the media industry and have the technical and creative skills that made this project a success.
— Brittany Wallace, VP - Digital Data Products at NBCUniversal Media
Brittany Wallace

Data Warehousing and Analytics On-Demand

We offer a breadth of services to help you gain insight into your business and make critical business decisions faster.


Cloud Data

Data Engineering

We translate your raw data into a normalized and easy to analyze information that can answer your business questions.

We pull all relevant data, store the extracts, load it into your data warehouse, and create a standard nomenclature if needed.

Coding, Programming

Data Analysis

We use a variety of tools -- R, Python, Teradata, Snowflake, Looker – to analyze data, forecast revenue and inventory, plot booking curves, develop what-if scenarios.

Data Analytics

Data Activation

We ensure that everyone in your company access the insights they need by developing persona-based interactive dashboards and rich data visualizations in Tableau, Microstrategy, Looker and others.

Skills Transfer, Training.

Skills Transfer

We build up the skills your team needs to take over your analytics, and then we get out of the way. Think of us as an “on-demand” data experts team.

Some of the challenges we’ve solved for major media and network companies:

Audience & Measurement

Audience & Measurement

- OTT Content Distribution





- Audience Profiling

- Lifetime Value of User Acquisition

- Live Event Analytics  

- Viewership Content Affinities  





- Cross Platform Behavior




- Pricing Recommendation  


- Revenue Forecasting

- Inventory Forecasting  


- Ad Server Audit