Know your audience like the back of your hand with Elasticiti.

We help you leverage your data and draw a clear picture of your audience. Our business analysts, and data engineers work hand in hand to deliver sophisticated, and customed dashboard aggregating everything you need to know about your content consumption and distribution across all platforms and networks. Our products and personalized training allows you to analyse and navigate through your data seamlessly.

Interact and extract valuable information to drive a successful digital content strategy. Our effective audience intelligence tools will equip you with the most accurate demographic insights report. As you understand your audience better, your creative team will be empowered, and your content viewership will thrive. 

Audience & Measurement

OTT content distribution

We pull and consolidate data from multiple partners to help you see a single source of truth.

audience profiling

Understand user demographics, behavioral attributes and how they can vary from partner to partner.

live event analytics

We design accelerated data injections and analysis in compressed time-frames. Allowing you to safely generate forecasts and optimizations in real time. 

viewership content affinities

Unveil the strength of audience commonality across shows using our dynamic dashboards.

lifetime value of user acquisition

Our analysis gives you a more accurate understanding of what the user acquisition cost means to your company. Empowering your marketing team to make the best decisions, and improve your margins.

cross platform behavior

Our team collects, cleans and centralizes your data so you can have a holistic view of your audience across multiple platforms.


Use Case

Audience Overlap Insights:

Find out how we helped the marketing team analyze and track individual user behavior by leveraging their big data.



Use Case

Content Distribution Analysis:

Get a glance at how we've given a complete picture of our clients digital/VOD business by standardizing their nomenclature and integrating their data into interactive dashboards.