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It’s 10:00PM – Do You Know Where Your Audiences Are?

Why Partner Management and Yield Management Need to be BFFs

Once upon a time, media companies had a pretty clear idea of who their audiences were and where they could be found, which helped them advise advertisers on the right programming and day-parting to purchase for their ads.

But the long march to digital TV has upended life for content-originator brands (aka television broadcast companies). Although viewers still watch as much TV as ever, fewer sit down in front of traditional sets to tune in, and that puts them in the control seat. If brand loyalty was hard to achieve when viewers could switch between a handful a channels, it’s become pretty near impossible now that they have a myriad of options at their disposal.

Increasingly, the group with the most real influence over your audiences just may be your partner-management team. Savvy media companies have already elevated these groups to the senior levels, and that’s a pretty good start, but it’s not enough. Individual partner managers need to learn the ins and outs of yield optimization, or at least become BFFs with the analysts on the yield optimization team.

Partner Management As Yield Optimizers (and Vice Versa)

Partner management groups were once a mid-tier function within the media organization, providing important, but hardly mission-critical, services. And in the old world, programmers (those who picked the shows) held all the power, and they strategically picked programming adjacencies to maximize affinity and extend viewing. That’s a lot less relevant now in our era of playlists, video-on-demand, recommendation engines, as well as new content distributors such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and the myriad OTT and MVPD players. IMHO, the syndication teams are the new goods.

And this, in turn, means media companies have lost a major....

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