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Struggling with Video Data Nomenclature? You’re Not Alone

Data munging is a fact of life for any data analyst. But if you’re in the digital video space, it’s really out of control. For example, what do you call content that’s only accessible to consumers with the proper credentials? Okay, so what do your 250 partners call it? Count yourself lucky if 5% of them use the same terminology as you.

And here’s the thing: Video is hot and growing rapidly. That’s means data analysts are, literally, drowning in video data. That got me thinking: What if we, as an industry, got together and resolved some of these data challenges?

In fact, I laid out the major issues in this AdExchanger article, Digital Video Can't Thrive Until We Resolve its Data Challenges and called upon the industry to consider the benefits of the effort. IMHO, video is clearly a boon for our space, but we really need to get serious about its glaring data challenges before it hobbles the channel.

Your thoughts? Check out the AdExchanger article and leave comments. Who knows? If enough of us speak out, maybe we can push this needle forward.