We have 20+ years working exclusively for media and entertainment companies and agencies across a wide range of functions: AdOps, Sales Operations, Sales Engineering, Strategic Development, Marketing. This breadth of understanding means we understand the questions you need to ask, and how to answer them in ways your teams will be able to use. Our services can be broadly categorized as data analysis and data science.



Analysis seeks to understand your business requirements and answer key questions by examining your fully data. It requires a thorough understanding:

  • Business requirements of the project

  • Critical KPIs

  • Roles and environment in which data will be consumed


Data Science

We are deeply rooted in statistics and are fluent in the technology required to program statistical models, and have required mathematical backgrounds. We use these skills to understand your business problem, and develop a statistical analysis of potential solutions.

Components include:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding the business challenges driving the project

  • Creating a model that’s transparent and iterative

  • Predictive/classifiers



  • Python

  • R

  • Spark


  • Hive

  • Bash