Elasticiti team members have expert level skills and technology experience to create an optimal solution for your company.  We are primarily Python-focused shop, and have expert level of that and other components of Python ecosystem (e.g. PySpark). We can support either an ETL or ELT approach, it really depends on client preference.


Our Data Engineering Skills include:

Data Ingestion (Data Extract)

Pull all relevant data from all internal (CRM, CMS, order management, etc) and external partner systems (third-party ad server, data partner, OTT, MVPDs, etc) via API, FTP or web scraping as required.

Data Pipelines (Data Transformation)

Groom data before it goes into database:

  • Data hygiene & data integrity (eliminate discrepancies/redundancies)

  • Nomenclature development, develop a nomenclature if necessary and retroactively apply it to legacy data

Expertise is all major data piping programs: AWS Glue, Luigi, Airflow, Segment, Alooma, Fivetran and PySpark.

Data Loading

Triggered and scalable architecture to load data at scale.

Data Architecture

Technology selection and definition of the process the data will go through prior to analysis.

Data Modeling

Data profiling, designing physical and logical data models so that it can be analyzed in a manner the supports business needs.



  • Python

  • R

  • Spark


  • Hive

  • Bash