Programmatic advertising has never been that clear

We help our client have a better view of their ad performance across real-time ad platforms, while making sure there isn't discrepancies in their inventory. Our team of analysts have extended years of experience in analysing programmatic ad market dynamics and they focus on targeting highly effective ads, to strengthen long-term sources of revenue or spending.

Accuracy is at the center of our goals. We want our clients to efficiently monitor and control their digital advertising budget with the highest precision. We provide you with a detailed view of your partnerships and their relevance in optimizing your inventory, and in earning more  ad revenue.


revenue pacing

Our period-over-period analysis provides rich insights into your revenue landscape and helps you forecast and take remedial action as needed. Integrate the effects of ad fraud, viewability, and header bidding may be having on sections and campaigns.

inventory forecasting

We work with you to find the best model for your audience, your content and the way you sell. Maximize yield from your inventory using customized traffic forecasts along n dimensions, up to a year from now.


pricing recommendation

We design rate cards for upfront buying, direct sales, and auction-based programmatic buying. This way you can manage discounting rules, packaging implications and demand seasonality.

ad server audit

We make sure that your ad server functions properly by examining with precision its pulse and reflexes.


Use Case

Direct-Sales Digital Ad Revenue Forecasting

Find out how we helped our client forecast revenue results with much higher degrees of accuracy, and with a lot less effort on their part



Use Case

Direct-Sales & Programmatic Digital Ad Revenue Forecasting

Discover how we enabled our client to predict various scenarios of implications of direct sales activities on programmatic revenue and vice versa.



Use Case

Direct-Sold Campaign Management For Live TV Events

Live from Elasticiti, Ben says: "accelerating data analysis to ensure direct campaign commitments are met is our victorious touchdown at every seasons"