To Know Your Audience is to Secure Your Future

The core value of every media company is its audience. The more you know about them, the better you plan your growth strategy. Who are they? How do they engage with your content? What emerging patterns can you exploit to to gain and sustain consumption? And how do you feed these insights back into the business?

Here are a just a few of questions and challenges we’ve helped media companies resolve:


Audience & Measurement

Content Analysis

User content preference profiling and consumption patterns.

Content Distribution Analysis

Analyze how content performs on partner sites, and optimize distribution strategy as appropriate.


Audience Profiling

Pull all data from relevant sources, load into data warehouse and normalize as required. Establish role-specific mechanisms for performing analytics, allowing all teams to understand user demographics, behavioral attributes and how they vary from partner to partner.


Lifetime Value of User Acquisition

Gain a highly accurate understanding of what the user acquisition cost means to your company. Empowering your marketing team to make the best decisions, and improve your margins.

Audience Overlap Insight

Understand common audiences amongst shows, and how to drive viewership.


Data Sources

Web Analytics



Social Media


Use Cases



Audience Overlap Insights:

Find out how we helped the marketing team analyze and track individual user behavior by leveraging their big data.



Content Distribution Analysis:

Get a glance at how we've given a complete picture of our clients digital/VOD business by standardizing their nomenclature and integrating their data into interactive dashboards.