Gone are the simple days of online advertising, where all you needed was an ad server to place display banners on your website. Today your content appears in myriad places, and advertisers have an insatiable appetite for programmatic video.

These changes in advertiser focus bring new opportunities to thrive, as well as the potential to fail. Each point in the value supply chain requires constant monitoring, analytics and optimization.

Your future relies on how quickly you can respond to signals in your data. That’s where we come in.



Revenue Forecasting & Analysis

Understand how revenue accumulates over time, in order to forecast accurately and to proactively identify potential issues.

Full-Stack Monetization Analytics

Analysis of inventory and revenue performance across video, mobile and display, sold via programmatic and direct channels. Focus on floor pricing, header bidding, and third-party partnerships.


Inventory Forecasting & Analysis

Short, mid and long-term analysis of inventory, to ensure all pools are monetized, while avoiding under-delivery.

Advanced Diagnostics of Ad-Tech Stack

Ensure campaigns deliver as expected and that analytics are fed validated data.

Pricing and Packaging Analytics

Analysis of pricing and rate card strategy, to identify areas where where optimization is required.

Manage Direct Sold Campaigns for Live TV

Establish accelerated processes to extract and validate data from source, during live events.

Data Sources


Use Cases



Direct-Sales Digital Ad Revenue Forecasting

Find out how we helped our client forecast revenue results with much higher degrees of accuracy, and with a lot less effort on their part




Direct-Sales & Programmatic Digital Ad Revenue Forecasting

Discover how we enabled our client to predict various scenarios of implications of direct sales activities on programmatic revenue and vice versa.




Direct-Sold Campaign Management For Live TV Events

Live from Elasticiti, Ben says: "accelerating data analysis to ensure direct campaign commitments are met is our victorious touchdown at every seasons"




Off- Domain Video Inventory Forecasting

How to monetize all available pools of inventory, and to avoid under-delivering current campaigns? Accurately forecast the amount of inventory available to sell to advertisers, particularly in the upcoming 3 to 8-week time frame (mid-term forecast).




Optimization of Programmatic Pricing Strategies

Read how our solutions have helped our client overcome the vendors limitation thanks to updated business rules, price floor and automated data ingestion that maximize revenue per ad product, simplify the process and improve insights around the performance of demand partners.