We help media and entertainment companies and agencies solve problems and exploit new ideas through expert use of data. Specifically, we ensure you have the right data in the right format, and that it is highly available to your organization.


Our data services include:

Data Engineering. We extract, transform and load your data so that you can analyze information, ask questions and test hypotheses. We bring to each client engagement significant expertise in:

  • Data Ingestion

  • Data Pipelines

  • Data Loading

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Modeling

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Data Analysis. We can help you answer key business questions, identify key trends, and develop What If scenarios. Our services span:

  • Analysis

  • Data Science

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Data Presentation. We ensure that everyone in your company has access to the insights they need, by developing persona-based interactive dashboards and rich data visualizations in Looker, Tableau, Domo, Microstrategy and others.

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