How Demographics & Technology Impact Viewing Habits?

January 27, 2017   

Just prior to becoming a parent, I read an article in the New York Times on how electronic devices redefine family quality time. It described a family of […]

Ad-Free Netflix Helps Publicize Ad-Filled TV

November 17, 2016   

Last year, my wife and I sat through what feels like the thousandth conversation where friends and families raved about the BBC show, “Last Tango in Halifax.” It  captivated just […]

Media and Data Analytics with Ben Reid CEO of Elasticiti

November 9, 2016   

Over the last five years media has changed our lives in significant ways. ‘Cord cutters’ have become part of mainstream society, and Netflix and Amazon have won Emmys left and right. At this point there is so much […]

It’s 10:00PM – Do You Know Where Your Audiences Are?

September 16, 2016   

Why Partner Management and Yield Management Need to be BFFs Once upon a time, media companies had a pretty clear idea of who their audiences […]

Yes, the Digital Distribution Opportunity is Huge, but is your Data House in Order?

June 28, 2016   

The proliferation of online distribution options means that content owners are confronted with the problem of managing highly complex data sets as their content is viewed across the Internet. […]

Digital Video Can't Thrive Until We Resolve Its Data Challenges

June 13, 2016   

While video is clearly a boon for the digital advertising industry as a whole, we urgently need to get serious about its glaring data challenges […]

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Elasticiti Announces New Analytics Solutions for Media Companies

June 08, 2016   

Elasticiti, an innovator in analytics for media companies, today announced the availability of a suite of solutions designed to […]


Worlds Collide: Letting RTB Compete with Direct Campaigns in Your Ad Server

January 25, 2013   

A number of partners I’ve been working with have mentioned casually that they are experimenting with creating a marketplace in their adserver by collapsing the […]