Data Analytics Crafted To Your Needs

At Elasticiti we take pride in providing services tailored to our clients needs. Our team is like no other, we have filled our ranks with talents well versed in online media and as a result, avoid many of the naive mistakes that often occur when the data and data relationships are not known. Both our Data Engineers and Data Analysts work hand in hand to define a solution by identifying the challenges and opportunities of the data. We help our clients clarify their business objectives, identify supporting data, define KPIs, and build the presentation layer.

“Today, every publisher is drowning in data yet starving for insights. Too much data, too little time.”

We develop both front and backend solutions to address unique business questions necessary to drive your company to success. Let us leverage your data, and accelerate your analytics roadmap to achieve your visions and aspirations...

The Elasticiti way:




audience & measurement

Content Distribution Dashboard

We help you understand and model user behaviors so that you can tailor your contents and grow your audience.

audience profiling

For publishers that need to manage vast amounts of data across partner portals, we can help you understand the risks and opportunities of your partnerships.




revenue pacing

Our period-over-period analysis provides rich insights into your revenue landscape and helps you forecast and take remedial action as needed. Integrate the effects of ad fraud, viewability, and header bidding may be having on sections and campaigns.

Inventory Capacity Forecasting

We work with you to find the best model for your audience, your content and the way you sell. Maximize yield from your inventory using customized traffic forecasts along n dimensions, up to a year from now.

pricing recommendation

We design rate cards for upfront buying, direct sales, and auction-based programmatic buying. This way you can manage discounting rules, packaging implications and demand seasonality.

ad-server audit

We make sure that your ad-server functions properly by examining with precision its pulse and reflexes.



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