As media and technology go through enormous changes we see several challenges emerge. Primarily, the cycle to make business decisions has greatly reduced, in some cases from a monthly exercise to intraday adjustments. When everyone is moving at this tempo, not doing so is essentially falling behind.

Secondarily, the volume and variety of data required to make decisions has exponentially increased making it much harder to accomplish the same tasks in their simpler form. Not long ago, the data sources were Google DFP, Adobe Omniture, and Nielsen.

Now, publishers have data available from multiple adservers (display, mobile, video), multiple SSPs, DMPs, ad exchanges, header bidding partners, ad networks, third party servers, viewability vendors, page analytics, app analytics, MVPDs, OTT partners, etc. and in some cases dozens of partners in a single category. In essence, there is too much data and too little time.

We believe the best solution is the one that provides the most powerful analytics, fits the culture and strategy of the client, and moves quickly. Working with leaders at dozens of respected brands, we have helped them innovate on the data initiatives that matter to them, on the tech stack of their choice.

Our customers’ success confirm our belief that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that through great communication and rapid iteration, we have created truly powerful and exciting insights that reverberate throughout the organization.

Although these solutions are built to the specific needs of the customer, many customers may have similar challenges that they will solve in their own preferred way. We list a sample below – perhaps some of these are familiar to you too.


Audience & Measurement

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