Problem solving and opportunity development through data engineering, data science & data visualization

-- exclusively for media companies


Cloud Data

Data Engineering

We translate your raw data into normalized and easy to analyze information that can answer your business questions.

We pull all relevant data, store the extracts, load it into your data warehouse, and create a standard nomenclature if needed.

Coding, Programming

Data Analysis

Through our expertise and partnerships we deploy a variety of tools -- R, Python, Teradata, Snowflake, Looker – to analyze data, forecast revenue and inventory, plot and visualize trends, and develop what-if scenarios.

Data Analytics

Data Activation

We ensure that everyone in your company has access to the insights they need, by developing persona-based interactive dashboards and rich data visualizations in Tableau, Microstrategy, Looker and others.

Skills Transfer, Training.

Skills Transfer

We enhance the skills your team needs to take over your analytics -  then we get out of the way. Think of us as an “on-demand” data experts team.