Data Warehousing and Analytics On Demand

A lot of research and analytics groups in media companies are drowning in data, and aren’t sure which datasets deserve attention. You have many hypotheses, but not enough time or bandwidth to test them. In many cases, teams lack the tools or skills needed to arrive at the higher level of insight needed.

Media companies engage Elasticiti after attempting (and failing) to gain that insight using their existing tools and skillsets. Many have relied on spreadsheets to tease out answers, and found their efforts too manual, too time consuming, and simply unable keep up with a business and market that’s inherently fluid.

At Elasticiti, we like to think of ourselves as a data science and analytics team that’s available on demand. We come in, ask questions, gather data, develop a framework, and then turn it over to our client to run and own as quickly as possible.

That’s why we’re different -- and lower risk -- than any other data analytics company serving the media industry.